A lot of things go into making a man attractive. It now comes down to the unique choices of women. As women come in different sizes and shapes, what they see as attractive differs.

Things like energy, a deep voice and height are the general traits women like in men. These things can’t be controlled by the male who possesses them, but the traits we talk about in this article all have to do with character and personality.

That is one aspect of a human being that everyone has control over. That can be nurtured and developed by anyone, over a period to become desirable.

Now, what are these personality traits that women admire in men?

Well, in this article, we would be looking into 9 of them. If you have this as a man, then you should consider yourself hot.

1. Facial Hair


Move up the scale of hotness with your beard. Your beard makes you attractive, and it is backed by science.

A study done by an Australia discovered that men with medium amounts of beards were very attractive to women. So this means that ladies like anything from the stubble to the light beard.

And so if you like to be the one that ladies admire, then you would grow your beards.

For ladies that is a physical show of masculine energy — the ability to protect and provide.

2. Strong Jawline

Another study has also shown that the look of a man’s jaw can be a big factor in determining if a man was hot or not to ladies. It said that sculpted look of the male face was something that women would naturally be drawn to, instead of a rounder face. This strong jawline or sculpted face is actually a result of testosterone a hormone that is dominant in males.

3. Red Color

The red color isn’t just used for lipsticks. When men wear red colored clothes, women tend to view such a guy as more attractive.

This was discovered by research that was conducted in 2010.

Going back to our ancestors, red has always been a color that signified life, vigor, energy or even danger. It was also used to show honor and so people of a higher class in those days would wear red.

So when next you are on a date, get hotter by putting on red.

4. Deep Voice

The baritone voice is one that ladies actually view as being hot. A university conducted a study in which they found out that ladies found men with deep voices very attractive.

5. Eyes

The eyes of a man add to his attractiveness. And this is because the area around the iris is darker than usual. This part of the eye is usually called the limbal ring.

6. Height

You must have heard of tall, dark and handsome. This shows that height plays a big role in the hotness of a man. If you are head and shoulders above the average height of men, then that lands you a good point on the scale of hotness.

Even scientific studies conducted by universities have shown that taller men have an advantage in the sexual marketplace as compared to their shorter counterparts.

7. Muscular Body

There is a reason why chiseled and shredded men cover the front pages of magazines and billboards today, even our athletes and movie stars are usually fit.

Women love men who have muscle. To women, such men look hotter and sexier than those who are skinny or fat. Now to science, a muscular body indicates that the man is strong and healthy. A very efficient way for gene selection in nature.

8. Humor

Want to win a ladies heart? Make her laugh. According to science, humor is a big sign that someone is creative and creative people usually have and give the best sexual experience.

9. Kindness

At a younger age, women may be attracted to the hot aggressive douche bag. But it doesn’t last long, and by the time they mean business and are trying to find a partner, they go for someone who is empathetic and kind. Kindness is the key to unlocking a ladies heart.