Your zodiac sign can have a big influence on your personality and your way of seeing the world and responding to life’s situations.

Sometimes, when you look at the traits associated with your zodiac sign, you find out that it’s accuracy in describing you can be very shocking.

Going through traits associated with your zodiac sign, you will realize that it tells it all. Some of these personality traits are known to you and some you discover that minute that you have been unconsciously behaving in a certain way for quite some time.

Some of these unconscious habits can be negative, and hence we result in ignoring them or even arguing against them.

By the way, that is a human thing to do so don’t be so hard on yourself.

But don’t ignore the whole case either as that won’t allow you to grow into the better version of your current self.

See, a lot of people go through the same struggle as well. They would by accident or some other incident, discover that they have certain bad habits and would beat themselves up for being so stupid in certain situations where they could have done better.

And as much as they have realized and accepted their mistakes, they have also beaten the life out of their self-esteem so that they get depressed and unproductive.

Thus allowing most things in their lives to go on a downward spiral.

Ignoring those habits and not addressing them leads to stagnation and inevitable regression. This is also the same result for tackling your pitfalls with a flawed mindset.

It all starts with love. When you truly love something, you automatically want to know more about it and want the best for it too.

When you love yourself, you want to know more about you and also want to be your best self.

That my friend is the best way to looking at your dark side. While looking at these hard-to-look-at sides of your life, you have to constantly ask yourself this question…

How will my dark side help me become a better individual who adds value to themselves, loved ones and society at large?

And then your self-development will be exponential.

Now with the right mindset, let’s get into those pitfalls and hopefully, come out better on the other side of this article.

Pull your seat closer… Aries.


You are stiff and rigid in your opinions and views of the world surrounding you. This shortcoming slips out in situations when you are clearly on the losing side of an argument but won’t give in.

Watch yourself in such situations.

Do you stick to your guns despite the barrage of overwhelming facts poking holes in your argument?

Your argument barely exists, but you are grabbing straws now because it now feels personal.

Like your honor is at stake if you leave the argument losing, i.e., sounding and looking stupid?

And so you fight on gallantly for your self-respect?

You may have to take a step back and recalibrate what it is that matters to you. You have to remember that you are not your argument and ideas are merely there to serve you and not badges of honor or sports jerseys.

Your passion and zest for life can be increased in the direction of self-development and self-awareness. I believe that such a fundamental approach to this issue would turn your pain to pleasure.



You love new. You love to shop.

You love razz and glamour. Shiny can’t escape your eyes. And that is why you are a little bit more excited about getting things than actually having or using them.

Alright, lets cut to the chase, you are materialistic, and that could be getting in the way of your relationships with people you do care about.

A bitter pill, yes.

But coming to terms with a problem takes you away from 0 on the scale of solutions.

Believe you me, your thirst for new stuff can’t be quenched but it can and should be contained, or you would have a very disoriented life in the end. Life is deeper than stuff and having depth will help contain your need for new.


The Gemini, you are as unstable and unpredictable as a boat on a stormy sea. At least that is the opinion others have of you.

And you are funny; you know that.

And so you use that to your advantage. You manipulate and abuse relationships to get whatever it is you want.

You bask in the thrill of achieving your goals at the expense of confused, bewildered and deceived people, left in your wake.

Not to say that you are intentional as to the duality of your nature, but the choice to harness the effect it has on people for evil is a constant temptation.

And you could be weak at times.

Nobody is perfect, and your struggles won’t end. Take each battle one at a time, and hopefully, you get better at being honest and having integrity.


Yes, we get it. You are nice and all.

But you are an emotional being. When you love, you are loyal and accommodating way beyond reason.

It can be such a sweet gift to have until the script is flipped and you have to deal with someone you despise and then it gets really dark.

You are named the crab for a reason. You silently detest situations or people that force you out of your comfort zone. You love your shell.

And when pushed to the wall, you could be a very worthy and substantial villain. Since you are heavily influenced by emotions, there is no end to how far you will go to hurt someone just as you do when you love.

This has the ability to destroy great friendships too as you could go overboard with an argument with someone you love.

By the way, have your few friends or close ones ever referred to you as petty?

A-ha! That’s it!

Now don’t zone out on me.

Everyone has their cross to bear; you just have to do so with yours gallantly.

Keep this in mind, when you don’t feel good about a situation or a person, practice to control your emotions. You will get better with it.


You love to be loved. And looking at your life, in all honesty, you are getting a fair share of love.

Everyone seems to be charmed by your aura. You are praised amongst peers and cherished among close ones.

Life seems to be going on just fine… except there is a dirty little secret.

You are greedy. Your ego seems to be in constant famine mode as it can’t seem to have enough of the spotlight and the vanity it provides.

Now you have to be aware of where this need for adoration could lead you, if not curbed. You have to tread this slippery and narrow road with care. It is littered with sharp bends, and at each one, you could skid off into full-blown narcissism.

Now, on a lighter note, you are a very loyal and positive person and as such having friends isn’t an issue for you. Knowing how to deal with your demons will let you see the brighter side of your life.


For the Virgo, you get easily seduced by the idea. You quickly get obsessed with aligning your life with an idea to the extent that you become one with it.

That is where your drive for molarity comes from. Religious Virgos tend to become zealots and bigots.

You can also be very one dimensional in your thoughts and beliefs. This could easily lead to discrimination of others who aren’t similar to you or doing what you are doing.

Your close friends feel like they are being judged by you on a constant basis.

While they may look at it that way, I know that you just want them to do better. You want them to hold themselves accountable just as you do yourself.

I get it. But they don’t. And they aren’t you. So learn to live and let live. Perfection eludes life, and we can only aspire to progress.


You the Libra could spend a lifetime deliberating on how to live. You procrastinate a lot. And it comes from your ability to hold laterally different thoughts at a time.

You want to ponder on all of them so that you take appropriate action. But that leaves you with very little time to do actual work, and thus you end up unproductive.

Nothing good comes out of this cycle of behaviors. Take action with the intention of failing your way to the right way. Action in the real world is the ultimate lab to testing the validity of your ideas. Results of those actions are the best conclusions you can possibly have.

So apart from the obvious causes and effects we know, put your ideas to work so as to prove themselves valid.


For you the Scorpio, you are a very passionate person, and that shows in the things you engage in. That can be a good spirit to have when you are trying to achieve positive goals, but when you are in some way or the other, forced to be vengeful, then things can go south easily.

It is important that you keep your energy in check when you don’t feel right or when you are provoked. Process issues before you make decisions or take action.


Your problem as a Sagittarius will always be your inability to have emotional intelligence when it comes to expressing yourself. You are tactless and will blurt out whatever comes to mind first without thinking through what it is you want to say.

Remember people are emotional beings, not logical. They say they like to hear the truth but then act like they like the comfort the lies give them. When it comes to people, you have to tread the path of truth with tact or your name will leave a bad taste in their mouths.


For the Capricorn, you have leadership tendencies, and that can come to hunt you when it comes to letting go of control. That is a bad spot for you to be in since you like to call the shots.

But those around you will only see it as you being an egotistic manipulator who always wants to get people to do what you want and be right all the time.


You are just plain stubborn. You share the same dark side with the Aries. You will stand by illogical arguments and won’t give up even when you are clearly wrong.

You just have to pay attention to yourself. Learn to look at other angles to a certain argument. What you think is a square could become a cube just by changing perspective.


You are a very creative person. You have all you want to do in your head, but you find it very hard to take action. Over time you begin to feel like you have lost yourself. You feel your life doesn’t have any direction and you could fall for some type of existential crisis.

You have to avoid that by taking action and letting reality decide what is possible and what is not. Don’t just rely on your daydreams.

With that being said, take a step back and examine all that had been explained in the article above. This may be a revelation of you to yourself, or this may be a confirmation of what you have been struggling with.

Whichever one it is, don’t get discouraged at all. You can grow to become a better version of yourself today. What all this journey of growth entails is that you take conscious action towards the bettering yourself every day. We all are a work in progress. When it seems like nothing is happening, remember that a journey of a 1,000 miles begins with a step.