You have all heard about Zodiac signs and probably know what your astrological sign is. You may also know what personality traits are associated with your sign. However, did you know that the time you were born, also revels secret traits about you? Check it out!

12 am to 2am:

Being around people you are familiar with makes you comfortable. You will do anything for you family, as they are the most important people to you. The future is always on your mind and you tend to plan accordingly. You are always looking for stability and security, so you plan well in advance. Your true self is probably not known by too many because you keep it very reserved for only the right people.

2am to 4am:

You have fantastic communication skills and are a very social person. If something does not interest you, you will get bored very easily and become fidgety. When you do get bored, you become inquisitive to find something fresh and thrilling to do. Sports are fun for you, but nothing too extreme. A casual walk, jog, and even yoga are a great way for you to be one with nature.

4am to 6am:

You think you are always right. Once your mind is made up, there is literally no changing it. Others respect you and your views, however, nothing they say will make a difference. You are very stubborn. When it comes down to love, you are a true romantic. You like to do things old-fashioned and respectful. People often take advantage of you because you open up very easily. Make sure you stand up for yourself and defend yourself.

6am to 8am:

You are an effortless front-runner in life. People easily go along with your requests. You are a perfectionist, but that does come with a down side. Often times, you tend to put too much pressure on yourself because you want everything to be perfect. Likewise, you have extremely high expectations for yourself because you want acceptance. However, you may have your expectations a little too high because you may find it is hard to achieve. Make sure you are setting sensible and rational standards for yourself and you will be shocked at how much better you feel.

8am to 10am:

Your biggest weakness is that you think you are always right. You are one of the most stubborn people in the world. If others try to voice their opinion and it is different than yours, you will instantly shut it down. There is no changing your mind, once it is made up. Limits do not exist to you. You are always pushing to do better and attain your targets. Often times, you come across as standoffish because you reserve yourself for only the people who have proven themselves to you.

10am to 12pm:

You are a naturally content person. Originality has a high value in your life. You know what you want and always go for it. This is easy for you because you know exactly who you are. The song “I live for the applause” applies to you drastically. Attention and fame make you truly happy. There is nothing that can come between you and your ambitions because you always push your bounds to attain your goals. You are a natural born leader, and people heed your request without restraint. You are a perfectionist and tend to put too much weight on yourself to be perfect.

12pm to 2pm:

This time frame makes you an accountable person with several long-term ambitions. Procrastinate is NOT your middle name because you always keep in mind that procrastination will only get in the way of your goals. Others tend to look up to you with admiration because you always stand by what you want. When you want something, you will stop at nothing to get it. However, this might cause your personal and professional life to quarrel. Keep in mind, that there is more to life than just a pay check.

2pm to 4pm:

You are the type of person who does not like to live a dull, repetitive life style. Routine tends to make you bored and uninterested. A lively and vivacious life style filled with impulsive, unprompted moments and adventures really gets your blood pumping. You like to live in the moment and to be free. Curiosity peaks for you, when you can find answers, which leaves you to be determined and instinctive. Please keep in mind it is okay to bring your head out of the clouds occasionally to be grounded.

4pm to 6pm:

Life is not always colorful and vibrant to you. You know that life is going to have gloomy days, but you also know that these are only phases. Realism and optimism help you keep a good outlook at life. Before you open up to strangers, you always make sure you get to know them first. You will not tell a random person how you truly feel. The list of people you trust is very small, but you would do anything for these people. Other people’s feelings and emotions are taken very serious to you. You do not like to play around with these types of sensitive things.

6pm to 8pm:

Compassion and concern are two strong characteristics to describe you. You know how others are feeling very easily. The fact that you are incredibly selfless leaves people in awe of you. Challenges do not scare you and you tackle them with ease. It is okay to be selfish once in a while. It is okay to stand up for yourself. Make sure you take care of yourself before you take care of the entire world. You cannot lose yourself in the process of pleasing everyone else.

8pm to 10pm:

When there is someone in need, you are always ready to fun and help them. Being able to help others makes you feel valuable and makes you feel like you have a purpose. If you are given an assignment, you make sure it is done to your fullest ability. Before you start anything, you make sure you have a plan A, plan B and a plan C, just in case. There is never a stone left unturned with you. You finish everything you start.

10pm to 12am:

This is the most determined people you will ever meet. They are always planning for the future. You are highly positive (but not too positive) and believe in yourself. There is nothing you cannot do, once your mind is made up. The expectations you have for yourself are high, but still realistic. No matter how difficult something may be, you always finish what you have started. On the same note, you probably like to do art a lot. You are a very artistic and imaginative person.

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