Often, mothers say to themselves “I’m not going to be like that mom.” The chances are that mother cannot help herself from being that kind of mom. Likewise, you may not have that much control of what type of mother you are either.

Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Mothering Strengths: You are very self-alert, you are strong and without fear. You are confident.

Mothering Weaknesses: You are one-sighted, very self-obsessed, angry, and competition driven

Mothering style: You are the mothering warrior. An Aries mother makes every move in a way that only an Aries can. You take parenting by storm with your headfirst approach. Your target has been set and you instead of hitting every single target. Aries is ruled by a red-hot planet, Mars. An Aries runs headfirst into everything in life. Aries do not like to lose; they will do anything to avoid losing. The Aries mothers will walk into a room with milk stains all over her and still manage to turn every head with her confidence.

In the early years of mothering, the worst part is adjusting to the fact that you now have another human life that you are caring for. The Aries mother is great at making sure her needs are still being met, even with a tiny human. The only struggle is to make sure you can find the time to get those needs met. You love your child more than anything. You make sure that everyone knows you are two separate people.

To be honest, that is a very helpful thing for you to do, believe it or not. Sometimes you expect a lot out of your children; this is a good and bad thing. This will allow your kids to know that you have high expectations of them. However, this may cause them to feel like they are not good enough if you are not careful. You are a great example of holding yourself to a higher standard. You are a one-woman kind of show, and you do not need anyone’s permission for anything.

Taurus (April 21 – May 21)

Mothering Strengths: You are a hard-working mother with a lot of common sense. You have great taste, and you are the epidemy of stable.

Mothering Weaknesses: You are materialistic, vain, emotionally unstable, and easy-going.

Mothering style: Business in the front, party in the back is a quote that fits a Taurus mother. Sometimes you are all business. You want the chores done, homework done, and showers ready to go. You keep it very strict sometimes. Your kids know not to talk to strangers when you act in this way. Some of your standards cannot be budged, in the slightest. Your kids know to be up, showered and dressed for church on Sunday.

A Taurus is great at spending their money and budgeting. Taurus’s are always calculating their return on investment. You want to be acknowledged for taking the time and raising your child in the right way. Your children know to use their manners, they know to say yes ma’am and no ma’am and to put their mother on a platform in the meantime. You would rather your children respect you and will not let that slip to be their “best friend.” Your children know that if they act out in public, disrespect you, or break one of the SIMPLE rules, then all hell will be coming to them.

You are a natural born manager; these qualities show in your mothering skills. Detail goes into every move you make. You are the president of your own clan. As a mother, a wife, and as a girlfriend, you have overseen another human your whole life. Mothering comes very naturally because of this. Although you may be late for many social gatherings, you are never behind when it comes to your children’s education or scholarships. You have pin-point accuracy when it comes to being a mother.

Gemini (May 22 – June 21)

Mothering Strengths: You are an open-minded, free spirit. You are creative, versatile, and forever young.

Mothering Weaknesses: You easily contradict yourself, and are very inconsistent. You have a lack of boundaries, and you tend to keep running your mouth, instead of listening.

Mothering style: The Gemini mothers are ruled by the zodiac’s Twins. You tend to act two different ways. You often contradict yourself. You keep your family unsure about how you may act from day to day. There is never a moment of normalcy in your household, even though your kids wish you would calm down a little bit sometimes.

Since your emotions flip-flop so much, you are always on edge. You will allow your kid to breath in the heavy air of the city, or take her to the gym with you, but you will turn your nose up to the ingredients on her food. It’s not your fault; your zodiac sign makes you do this. If you were completely self-trained, then you would be an unpredictable Gemini. It’s hard to tell what a Gemini is going to do. One day you may want to travel to Africa and raise her there. Next year, you may be buckling her up into your hybrid, battery charging car. You can never tell with a Gemini.

Gemini moms are very anxious people. Mercury can be blamed for this, as it is the planet of communication and intelligence, and it tells the Gemini brain never to shut off. Because of this, you must be the craziest mom on your block, at least the most opinionated. You are unique.

Leo ( July 23 – August 22)

Mothering Strengths: You are a confident and creative mother. You are playful and exude leadership.

Mothering Weaknesses: You have too much energy that you invest in drama. You are very self-centered.

Mothering style: You do it all for the APPLAUSE! You are the star of your own show. You are creative and love drama. A Leo mother leaves her signature and scent where ever she goes. The way your kid’s act is a direct reflection of you. You put everything, heart, and soul, into your children and their development. You want to have a successful member of society that you are proud to call your own. You want your children to do great things, which causes you to be a very hands-on mother.

Being a stern mother in your standards is a strong characteristic that you have, others might see this as mean. You are a high achiever in all that you do. You meet your standards with little effort; you may not realize that you are not pushing your kids hard enough. When your child grows up to be successful, they will be turning around and thanking you. Also, you have a complete sense of entitlement, which will help your family get into special school and summer programs. You are on a mission and cannot be stopped.
You play as hard as you work. When it is time for a Leo mom to throw a birthday party, she goes all out. You are the perfect party planner and buy the perfect presents. Your kids know they only get presents for special things, so when they get present they know, they did something great because you only give great presents. Many may think you spoil your children. However, this is your way to reward your children and show them how great they are doing.

Hugs and kisses are also a great way that you reward your children. Showing love is a way to show how faithful you are to them, and they to you. Your children are your pride and joy, and nobody can question that. Your family is very close. Try letting loose a little and watch them grow.

Virgo (August 24 – September 23)

Mothering Strengths: You have healthy habits and common sense. Intelligence and structure are your best friends. Not to mention, you are organized.

Mothering Weaknesses: You tend to over-analyze. You are judgmental and worry more than you should.

Mothering Style: You are a free-spirit of a mother. Sometimes mothering plays to your advantages by being easily organized and in order. Other times it makes you let loose and play. If you are an introverted Virgo, it may be very hard for you to open as a mother. You used to sit around listening to indie music and now you must talk to strangers while listening to Troll’s soundtrack. Virgo moms like to be intellectual. They enjoy a nice mental challenge. Let’s face it, sometimes mothering is not nearly enough of a mental challenge for a Virgo.

Being obsessive by nature, you must find time to relax. Being with a Sagittarius will balance your anxious side and block your tunnel vision. Sagittarius will help you raise your children the way you want. The Sagg is an advice giver that you need on your side, as a Virgo. When you look at motherhood as an adventure, you tend to awaken your funny and logical side.

By providing a safe environment, instead of catering to your child’s every whim and cry, you can balance everything better. It is hard for the Virgo mother not to treat their child like the center of the universe and that can be a major downfall of a Virgo. Motherhood will help you stop self-critiquing and not cutting yourself down.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 22)

Mothering Strengths: You are resilient, with a strong willpower. You have an intuition about anything.

Mothering Weaknesses: You are obsessed, with an intensity that is faulty. You are emotionally unavailable and paranoid.

Mothering style: You are the magnet of the mothers. You are inspiring and intimidating at the same time. One day your kids might cling to you like little monkeys. Other days, they might fear your wrath, so they stay far away. You take “death stare” as a literal stare. You are incredibly protective of your children with all your heart and soul. Nobody dares to cross you.

Most Scorpios find that motherhood is easy. You are the sign of emotion, which makes mothering easy. Often, Scorpios have a hard time opening up to the rest of the world, but their children will make you open up in seconds of batting their little eyelashes. The hard part isn’t getting attached to your kids; it’s hard to let them go when they grow up.

You make sure your children’s life is perfect with complete laser precision. You have your kid’s future set up before they can even sit up. That “investment” will pay off in the end. Scorpios are ruled by wealth, ventures and things that will pay off in the end. It is very important for a Scorpio mom to make sure her children are set up for financial security in the future.

Scorpio mothers will always challenge their kids to a game of chess, even though she will always win. You are always up for maneuvering and sidestepping the curves of life and motherhood. You are intuitive and maybe even a little psychic. You can fully trust your instincts.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Mothering Strengths: You are devoted and comfortable. You have good taste and are very sentimental.

Mothering Weaknesses: You have mood swings and are jealous. You can be very overprotective.

Mothering Style: You are the most materialistic sign of all. As a Cancer, this will show in your parenting. You want your kids dressed in only the nicest things. A Cancer mama is already programmed to be a great mother. You loved friends, animals, and dolls when you were younger. Most Cancer mamas believe they were born to be mothers. These Cancer moms are more likely to breastfeed until their child is 14.

You would do best with a Libra. This will give you and your children a realistic look at a relationship and a family. Libra will be the perfect father to balance your motherhood. You are very invested in your children and will be their lifelong best friend.

When you became a mother, it had a positive effect on your social life. The Cancer moms tend to be shy, however, having children has helped open them up. A Cancer mom will gush about her children for hours upon hours. You have many mom friends and meet more at every PTA meeting. You judge other mothers on how they feed their children. From this, you will decide if they are a good mother friend for you to have. If one of your friends gets an invite to your house, they should consider themselves lucky. You do not invite anyone over unless you really trust them. Not just anyone can come into a Cancer’s house.

Likewise, the Cancer mom of the worlds tends to be a little bit of a snob. You will either push people way, or you will build very strong friendships. You want loyalty and respect and will not settle for anything else. Your friends are friends for a lifetime.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Mothering Strengths: You are patient and fair. You have good taste.

Mothering Weaknesses: You are vain, a slob, and unreliable.

Mothering style: You know how as a Libra, you always want balance? Motherhood is going to be what helps you get that balance. You are the eye of this storm. Some days, you are a natural born procrastinator. You stopped and smell every single rose you come across. You are an A+ as a mother.

Libra is the sign of relationships. This causes a Libra to be happiest when they live with another person. You keep your life organized, by keeping their life organized. Children keep you sane and happy.
All of the stereotypical traps of parenting, make you thrive for more. You love having giant doll houses and train tracks all over your house. Libras take their time and enjoy every moment. You are great at being in the moment with your children. Their childish antics help you thrive. You live for their quirks and questions. You can answer every single question with ease.

With this being said, the Libra mother is a great example to her children. Libra’s will dress well and refuse to go out in their pajamas, just because they had a baby. Libra moms will always have their hair and nails done. Children of Libra mothers will always have very stylish clothes. You are often very vain. Your children will be this way as well. Make sure you remind them sometimes that they are their own people and don’t always have to be little trophies for you. Let them be their own person.

Capricorn (December 21 – January 19)

Mothering Strengths: You are patient, thoughtful, and consistent. You are great at planning and structure. You have very traditional core values.

Mothering Weaknesses: You are overly cautious and protective. You have self-doubt and can be TOO serious. You have a tendency to over-worry and over-analyze.

Mothering Style: The Capricorn is the zodiac’s father sign, which can be very interesting to their mothering style. Some days you may be more of a dad, than a mom. However, maybe you are both anyway. You have a sentimental side, but Capricorns are ruled by Saturn. Saturn is a strict, masculine, and authority driven planet. You have limits, so your kids can get life lessons without getting too hurt. You are close to your children, but you are in no way their best friends. Even though you may not like your parents, you respect them. Capricorns can become very conventional.

Tough-love is the key to your parenting style. You give stiff hugs and even stiffer lectures. You are not very affectionate, but you will always let your children know in a different way that they are loved and appreciated. Your emotions tend to stay on the inside. When you were a child, you may have gone through some serious things that should have never been placed on a child. However, this makes you the mom that you are today.

Your feminine beauty is laid over a body that exudes strength. When it comes to being the rock of the family, you have that down pact. That is easy for you. You work hard for the money, and you work even harder for your family. Capricorns are the provider sign, and your strong work ethic shows why you are the breadwinner of the family. Make sure you take a moment to enjoy your little ones while they are little, don’t work too hard.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Mothering Strengths: You are original and open-minded. You are fair, yet still youthful.

Mothering Weaknesses: You love drama and have overly lenient tendencies.

Mothering style: An Aquarius mother can come in many different styles. The Aquarius mom can be rock n’ roll, a beauty queen, the girl next door, or a robot. Mix a couple of skeletons in her closet, and you can call her an Aquarius.

The Aquarius mom is a unique person, who cannot be put into any categories. You are affectionate, but stern at the same time. You are a complete control freak, who sings about rainbows. You can organize any mess, and you will change your parenting style in the blink of an eye. Aquarius moms can be the Harley Quinn of all zodiac signs. You want your children to believe in everything magical and unique in the world.

Uranus is Aquarius’ strong planet. Uranus is emotionally detached and rebellious. They will not let you know anything they are doing. You are very uncomfortable with casual connections and only long for being with that one special person. You can cry like a baby one moment, and then wipe the tears away and put your game face back on. You have no gray area. Black and white are your only options. Being easygoing is what you long for, but you tend to be stricter than that.

You are best with a Taurus. A Taurus will allow you to be the silly, calm, earthy person that you are. It will get your white fence this way, but you will still allow your kids to have the roots that they need.

It is hard for an Aquarius mother to be normal. Aquarius mothers are more likely to focus on the future, instead of the past or present. Make sure you keep yourself strong and maintain yourself to be the best mother that you are capable of. You must nurture your youth and social scene. If you like going out to events, then make sure you still do it after you become a mom. Don’t trade in your motorcycle for a soccer van. Stay true to your own individuality.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 20)

Mothering Strengths: You are funny and wise. You have an adventurous side with perspective.

Mothering Weaknesses: You lack structure and are impatient. You have a tendency to be blunt.

Mothering style: You are the freest of all the zodiac signs. You find it hard to adjust to motherhood. You like to be independent, so having a small child following you around 24/7 tends to be an adjustment for you. It is also hard for a Sagittarius to give off the authority vibe because a Sagittarius has never been that way in her life. Kids need a lot of time and energy. This can be hard for a Sagittarius, as they like their freedom. The old ways of just going day-by-day are long out the window for you Sagittarius mothers.

You are ruled by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of luck and wealth. As a Sagittarius mother, you tend to stretch yourself too thin, or you will avoid commitment completely. You are notorious for shooting first and then asking the questions later. This makes your spontaneity a fun part of you as a mother. You don’t mind loading up the car and seeing where it takes you. You may have pancakes for dinner or have pizza for breakfast. You can pull together a vacation overnight. However, if you actually try to plan something out, you tend to overdo it and fail.

The best plan for a Sag mom is to just join the PTA group. You can “fake it until you make it.” Let your children help you plant a garden or clean the house. They love to help a Sag mom. You are great at being a leader. Remember, your kids just want to help you, so let them help you complete the projects that you have. They have a great connection with you if you do this regularly. This will make it a win-win.

Although, you miss your freedom, having a tight schedule will give you some new muscle. You are a person who is a mother, not a mother who is a person. When everything goes wrong, use your humor to get you through it.

Pisces (February 18 – March 20)

Mothering Strengths: You have a great imagination and are incredibly creative. You are compassionate and nurturing.

Mothering Weaknesses: You are guilty and manipulative. You tend to be unstable.

Mothering style: You are a beauty queen and a seductive woman all in one. You love to take an extravagant vacation, complete with a soft white robe. If you are wearing sweatpants, you bet it’s going to be a matching, properly tailored sweatsuit. You are too sweet. Other moms would rather be your friend than be intimidated by you. You are an open door, even if you have extravagant taste. You like to treat yourself like a goddess, and you encourage all mothers to do the same thing.

The Pisces mother has a heart of gold always in the right spot. You are a magical mother, who is always looking to turn anything into family time. There is nothing normal or typical about a day in your house. Your kids are surprised at all the different ways you can find something fun to do. The Albert Einstein of mothering (since Einstein is a Pisces).

However, you are so free-spirited, that your downfall could be the lack of stability that you have. You can be too far out there, and this can cause your children to be embarrassed by some of the things that you do. Your children may become anxious as they get older with your unpredictable ways. Being told what to do makes you mad, so you may tend to break some of your own rules of mothering. Your best significant other would be someone with structure.

On a positive note, your children know that you will always have their back. They may get scolded at home, in private, but when it comes to the rest of the world, a Pisces mother will always defend her children. You will cheer for every accomplishment that your children do.