Although some people in the world do not dream, the majority of people in the world dream. Some remember their dreams while others don’t. Regardless of that, there have always been speculations about dreams by many people. Some think their dreams are just a continuation of their thoughts; others see their dreams especially of the scary variation as a sign of illness, some religious people see their dreams as premonitions and a way to communicate with their God. Whatever the consensus about dreams, from time immemorial they have been held in great regard and studies from the powerful Shamans to priests to scientific researchers. I’m here with another idea about dreams. What if our dreams were a passageway to an alternate universe. What if we weren’t as unique as we thought and had a clone of us living in a different part of the world and leading a normal life. What if our dreams were only a way for us to experience their lives.

For so many years, different people have thought about the significance of dreams. One of the things that has been a source of great mystery to them is how some people could dream of an event yet to happen and which ended up happening. Could it be that the dreams had some sort of hidden significance?

They came to the question of our dreams being a means through which we paid visits to different places we never thought existed. Could it be that we dreamt of an alternate universe as a way to know a bit about them?

We were not only ones fascinated by the mystery of dreams. Our forefathers were too. Different places had different views and understanding of dreams. The old Greeks and Romans thought that dreams were the means through which the gods communicated their wishes to mortals. While in China, the ancient Chinese saw dreams as a sort of field trip to the land of the dead. The Egyptians were of the opinion that people who could tell the meanings of dreams had special powers for they believed dreams to special messages sent from their gods and they revered such people.

Most of the Native American villages and ancient Mexican civilizations saw dreams as foreign worlds which people visited while asleep.

‘Dream’ was coined from a word in old English which translates to “joy” and “music” because a dream was seen to be a bearer of good fortune.

Many years have passed since our ancestors made their conjectures and opinions on what dreams are. Today, we know from studies that our dreams are usually a product of our thoughts, feelings and the different activities that we engaged in or thought about before falling asleep.

Sometimes our dreams do not look anything like real life events nor do they have any familiar scenes but some others come in sharp colors making them more real than a dream. These usually feel so real because it seems as if all our organs of sense are functioning, our nose, eyes, ears, hands and even our mouths. Today also, due to an advancement in technology we now understand what happens in our brains when we dream from pictures taken of the brains of people when they were dreaming.

Science and technology have changed the way in which we viewed a lot of things, and dreaming is one of them. Despite how far we have come in the analysis and understanding of dreams, we are still ignorant of many things that concern dreaming.

The idea that some of our dreams could be a journey into the different parallel worlds which exist is mind-blowing. The fact that we cannot see these alternate universes unless we are asleep would be carefully explained in the next few paragraphs.

For about a century now, scientists have thought long and hard about the possibility of a cryptically concealed world existing beside us without our knowledge.

Many mystics have always alluded to the existence of such a place. In their words, those alternate universes are populated by nonliving beings such as ghosts. Science would definitely not get attached to something based on superstition and not facts and observations. However, since 1920, physics researchers have been trying to make head and tail of a shocking discovery. They found out that they were unable to get a handle on the positions of atomic particles such as electrons. They could not tell the position of an electron, and so they began to rethink the idea of another world, our alternate universe.

They came to such conclusions because it was the only sense they could make of the disappearance of the particles. It could only mean that those particles existed in another universe. The particles must have moved from one universe to another, and there are different uncountable alternate universes.

What this means is that there exists a parallel universe where you did not exist, The Roman empire did not fall, and World war one and two did not take place.

Right now though, the existence of so many different universes called multiverses is nothing more than a theory. It states that there are many different universes which all exist parallel to one another. Each different independent universe is referred to as a parallel universe.

There is no need to overthink this because it is still nothing but a theory. Unproven and subjected to wide controversy, the existence multiverses has not been confirmed.

From the meaning of the universe, the general belief would be that this idea of an existing multiverse would be better studied by metaphysicians.

Although the idea of a multiverse seems to be something in the alley of metaphysics, there is a faint line between physics and metaphysics and deciding where topics fit is based on one thing. If it can be proven through experiments then, it is definitely for physics. If however it is based on strange things and cannot be observed and experimented upon, it is definitely for the metaphysician. The advocates for pure physics have mellowed a little when it comes to accepting abstract theories like an electromagnetic field, black holes, quantum physics and curved space. Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Max Tegmark said that recently the idea of the existence of a multiverse had joined this eclectic list.

Listen to what Dr. Michio Kaku has to say about the theory of the multiverse. The basic problems of the scientific study of universes are that the basic laws of physics get broken down when it comes to the Big Bang theory. In his own words, he said,“ Well some people say what’s wrong with that, what’s wrong with having the laws of physics collapse? Well for a physicist this is a disaster. All our lives we’ve dedicated to the proposition that the Universe obeys knowable laws, laws that can be written down in the language of mathematics and here we have the centerpiece of the Universe itself, a missing piece beyond physical law.”

What this means is that in an alternate universe, a clone of you could exist and what’s even more shocking is that both of you would have very similar lives in every way. Both of you are like twins with the same genetics and personality to an extent and then personal differences. For instance, you might love taking selfies but your clone in a parallel universe might actually detest it, or you might prefer to read books to watching movies, but your clone would detest books, preferring to watch movies instead because both of you live in parallel worlds.

Ever heard a repeating dream in which you find yourself in a place you do not know and have never gone to before? If you had then you are not alone, many other people have these dreams. Maybe these dreams are good examples of a visit to a parallel universe.

You might have come across a person whose dreams come to pass. They can dream of events yet to happen, and those things will happen just as they dreamt it. This phenomenon could also be an example of the existence of a parallel universe, and those dreams might be coming from there.

No one can really tell for now, but it sure is fun to think of our best dreams as glimpses or snatches of another universe existing parallel to ours. This remains a theory. It has not been proven by scientific experiments, and we might never find out all the hidden things about our universe.

Professor Max Tegmark gave a most satisfying conclusion to this when he said “When we ask a profound question about the nature of reality, do we not expect an answer that sounds strange? Evolution provided us with intuition for the everyday physics that had survival value for our distant ancestors, so whenever we venture beyond the everyday world, we should expect it to seem bizarre.”