Harry Potter came and changed the world forever. The world of literature will never be the same after Harry Potter. It was a worldwide wonder that took everyone by storm. Everyone who enjoyed Harry Potter hoped they would come home and find their acceptance letter to Hogwarts at home, delivered by their own personal owl to their house.

One thing that is for sure is we can all learn about the importance of having love and friendships in your life (or how to battle the torments and terrors of the world). A new, fresh report states that The Boy Who Lived has been proven to make the reader an improved individual.

A study that was printed in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found a correspondence between Harry Potter readers and their level of prejudgment. The individuals who stated they felt emotionally devoted to the Harry Potter books and series, were less likely to have any sort of biased stances towards any minority groups.

The author of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling, is known for being a big-hearted being. J.K. Rowling came from a rough start. She came up from a poor upbringing, therefore when she hit stardom, she never let the fame go to her head. She continued to work with charities and foundations to help make the world a better place. She frequently spoke out for people who were being attacked socially with prejudiced. She made her characters in Harry Potter, just as fantastic as she is. She laced each character with love and kindness. The character may be flawed, they may have their own personal demons, but they were all well mannered human beings (apart from Voldemort, of course).

History influenced a lot of J.K. Rowling’s work; Sorcerers aren’t that dissimilar after all, are they? The Death Eaters are chickens – radical extremist who are focused on being ‘pure of blood.’ However, they are evil people. There are so many real-life contrasts in the Harry Potter series that it is impossible not to gain power and acceptance on every page you turn.

The entire Harry Potter series lets its fans and readers know that no matter what there is no shame in being yourself; there is no shame in being different. Being true to yourself is one of the most important messages that J.K. Rowling wanted her readers to take away from the series. Neville is one of the least talented of all the sorcerers, but he is always courageous. Neville constantly brews over with empathy for Herbology. He continues to be one of the most influential and loved characters of the series because of his big heart. On the other hand, there is Hermione. She is the smartest of the witches her age, even though she is referred to as a ‘Mudblood’ since her parents are not full blooded. Readers are more likely to enjoy these characters because they are relatable. They have their own story to tell, and they continue to be inspiring. By following these characters, a reader can learn a lot and grow with the characters themselves. They are strong role models and never cease to be just that throughout all of the books.

J.K. Rowling, herself, broke through categories and stereotypes to get where she is today. One-character, Umbridge, is a soft-toned woman who loves her kittens, but she is the enemy of the series, comparable with the Dark Lord. On the other hand, there is Hagrid. Hagrid is the giant of the book. He has an extremely complicated past and is placed in the series to scare many. However, he is one of the nicest characters in the entire book. J.K. Rowling continues to prove that you should never judge a book by its cover (no pun intended).

With that being said, there is no excuse for you not to go re-read the series of Harry Potter now. In the end, it’s just going to help you be a better person, correct?