Our physical attributes do have a lot to do with other deeper things about us such as our personalities and even our health. Based on some recent studies, it has been revealed that the length and shape of a person’s toes had a lot to say about that person, including things about their health and personality. Although, I’ll advise you not to stare too long at people’s feet in a bid to figure out their personality. You might come off as having a foot fetish or a creepy person.

Even if this turns out not to be as accurate as we hope, it will be fun to figure out you and your friends’ personalities from your toes.

What your Big toe has to say about you.

If you have a noticeable difference in length between your big toe and your other toes, then you are a smart and creative person. You are always bringing out new ways of solving problems. You have the rare ability to look at things from every angle which enabled you to come up with smart ways of handling them. As a disadvantage though, you do not complete most of your projects because of s short attention span and problems focusing.

However, if you have you have a small big toe, it means that you are awesome at managing many projects at a time. You have charm in spades, and you liberally use it to get other people on board with your plans. You are a natural leader, and you find it easy to maintain a high level of efficiency and share duties to other people.

What your second toe says about you

Your second toe of your right foot indicates your life goals and whether you are achieving them or not. If your second toe is making contact with the floor, then it means that you are achieving your life goals. However, if it isn’t touching the floor or if there is a noticeable gap between it and the third toe, then this shows that you are working towards separating yourself from your emotions. If that second toe is long, then it shows that you possess leadership skills which include uniqueness and resourcefulness. These are great qualities which run the risk of making you bossy if you do not pay close attention to them.

If you have a small second toe, be rest assured that it does not indicate a lack of will. It only shows that you are a calm and quiet person who simply prefers to wait for better circumstances than to forcefully take what you want. This means that are a thoughtful person.

What your Third Toe says about you

If you have a considerably long third toe, then indicates that you have a lot of energy and easily find solutions to problems especially in your workplace. You have a lot of determination to make it to the top in your career. In China, a long third toe is believed to show power, self-discipline and need to succeed.

You have a lot of power and drive which you put into your work to achieve so many things. You are a perfectionist though, pushing yourself to be the very best in everything that you do. The single disadvantage of your lifestyle is the fact that you do not spend a lot of time having fun with your family and friends.

If you have a short third toe, this shows that you live life in the moment. Your motto seems to be YOLO, and you judiciously follow this motto in all your dealings in life. You don’t let yourself get bothered by anything, and you are happiest when you aren’t doing anything. It might seem like laziness to others but to you, it is living your life to the fullest, after all, you only live once.

What your Fourth Toe says about you.

The fourth toe has everything to do with the different relationships in our lives. If you’re sporting a considerably long and straightened fourth toe, then it goes to show that familial relationships are very important to you and anytime you fall out with anyone in your family, your fourth toe will also indicate this by curling.

However, you are a warm, loving care giver who is always ready to listen to people and offer good advice. You are a very compassionate person, and this makes it difficult for you not to help people with their problems. Your nurturing instincts get affected whenever there is a problem in the family. You are a sensitive person and can easily get upset by other people’s words and actions. You need to let all the negative feelings go especially when you begin to notice your fourth toe clawing.

However, if your fourth toe is short, then that means that familial relationships do not mean a lot to you as your attention is given to something else.

What your Little Toe says about you.

Those with very small little toes are happy-go-lucky people who don’t really care a lot about responsibilities and duties. They prefer to have fun and are always on the lookout for more fun. They are so much fun to hang out because they are socially adept.

On the other hand, if you can move your last toe independent of the fourth toe, then you have the following characteristics. You are spontaneous in action, alluring and daring. However, if you can’t, you see very dependable and loyal. You hate surprises and enjoy having a routine to follow.

What do the arches of your feet say about you?

Self-sufficient people usual have deets with high arches. You prefer working alone and might come off as anti-social to a lot of people. You have to watch yourself though, so you don’t become too rigid in your views, actions, and decisions.

If your arches are low or just plain average, then you are an extrovert who greatly enjoys being with many people. You live having fun and helping other people have fun.

What does having Wide feet say about you? 

If you possess wide feet, it shows that you are always on the move and cannot stay at a place for a long time. You move from one project to another, one place to another. Kick back and relax a bit, the world will still go on.

Although it makes you very happy when you have a cause to move for, you need to take time out to smell the roses and reflect on your life. Enjoy a little bit of peace. It will benefit you a lot.

What does having toes graduated in height say about you?

Do your toes range in size from the largest to the shortest? If so, it indicates a precise practical person who pays very close attention to the details of any project he embarks on and drives to finish every project he began. If your toes are like that, then you are a wonderful friend, loyal to the core and a valuable employee to your employers.

What does having long narrow feet say about you

According to the Chinese, you have the feet of a Princess meant to be pampered and waited upon. You enjoy being treated deferentially and enjoy delegating duties to people especially when it means that you don’t have to do the work. You also have a wonderful sense of beauty and easily associate yourself with beautiful things in nature.

Hope you have discovered something new about yourself today.