You are too much. You have too much sauce for most people to handle. You are a rare phenomenon in our world today. You are as pleasant a surprise as the babushka doll. You are as rare, beautiful, and durable as the diamond. You are a diamond. You are more than what is expected; you are different. You are unique; you are too much.

The world has put women in a box and drawn boundaries for them, but you have refused to color between the lines, and they let you know it. The world expects you to curb your natures, to go against who you are just so that you can fit into the box they have made for you and all other women. Talk less, have fewer opinions, do less, be less than you are. It’s either you do this, or you become an anomaly unworthy of attention or love.

That’s totally wrong. Everything is wrong.

You sometimes try to hide because you believe them. You believe that you are an anomaly when you should be the standard of normal. You are advised to tone down yourself and your opinions. What you don’t know, is that they are afraid of you. Afraid that you’re a much better person than they deserve. It’s okay to feel all the things that you do; it’s okay because it’s who you are. Too much.

They label you too much because you live deeply and intensely, without rhyme or reason. You are gloriously sensitive, having the ability to feel things on a deeper visceral level. You are one of a kind; others can feel what you do and fear you because of it.

They aren’t the only ones, are they? You fear yourself too. But that’s because they’ve said you should. Enough has become a banner you want to fly, a family you want to associate with but you can’t. You long to be like the other girls who are just enough, how much easier life would be. You wish you could be just enough for once in your life, but you’re too much.

You have to be stronger than that; you are the most perfect you could ever be, lovable and fully accepted. You have to be strong, not letting the words of the world put you down and when the voice in your head persuades you to be enough, shrug it off. You’re you.

You’re you, and you are too much. Never forget that. Don’t try to force yourself into some box, imprisoning your core. Be yourself. Be happy, Be loud, be sensitive, be opinionated, be you, be too much. It doesn’t matter what they say or think. What matters is that you’re living for yourself. And no matter what you do, don’t ever change. Not for your friends, not for the world, not even for you.

You’re perfect the way you are. You are special, different, unique. You aren’t too much; you’re perfectly enough.