Why do men tell us to smile? It is annoying, and we really want to know why.

I’m pretty sure you have a variety of reasons that give you the guts to always ask us to smile. Perhaps it is because you want to impose your self-acclaimed superior status on us, or maybe it’s because you feel we are easy prey and therefore fun to mess with. Sometimes though, it seems as though you think it’s hilarious to ask us to smile when it seems like we don’t want to, or maybe you think it’s a good way to ask us out. It probably seems pretty much okay to do these things from your own point of view, however, it isn’t okay at all to us.

I’ll give you instances of when you’ve asked us to smile before we talk about its offensive nature to us.

One of these is when we are being checked at the airport; while in the queue in the grocery shop waiting for our turn to check out; while we wait at the bar for our drinks; when we’re trying to get a few minutes gym time. All of these quite frequent occurrences have been very wrong and uncomfortable and did not warrant a smile.

You are real good at telling us to smile during one of the above-mentioned situations but has it ever occurred to you that we don’t want to smile when we’re being mauled by the police. I’m also sure you wouldn’t smile if it had been you, getting frisked down by the police officer and having your private parts touched. You wouldn’t; so don’t dare tell us to anymore.

Your temerity doesn’t end with telling when we can smile, it has also leaked into so many other parts of lives such as our body. You say we should be slim because you don’t like fat bodies and a bit fat because you don’t want skinny ones.

You have let us know that we shouldn’t be shy because people don’t like girls who are shy. They also don’t like girls who talk a lot.

We aren’t here to serve your every whim. We won’t have to change our personalities to suit you, we don’t have to change our facial expressions to make you feel better, you just have to accept us the way we are.

At the end of the day though, we don’t care what you think.

You’re not superior to us or better than we so why tell us to change our expression, to smile? Why do you believe that we care about your opinion when we dress up or that we do it for you? You don’t even care that you’re trying to take over our lives. We aren’t like you; we are different. You’re just my son, husband, friend, stranger or co-worker. You don’t have the right to tell me what to do. I’m not a kid.

In summary, don’t tell us these things. Stop telling us these things. How to eat, look, dress, etc. Please stop telling us how to smile.