You may be surprised to know that you have a guardian angel and your angel could be trying to communicate with you on a daily basis. To understand your guardian angel, you have to be connected with him/her either in the form of meditation or prayer. You also have to know when he/she is by your side trying to communicate with you. When you are intensely focused during prayer and meditation, you will increase the chances of such experiences happening to you. It is also essential to know each experience and what they mean. When you do that you can tell exactly why your guardian angel is there and what it is you have to do to respond effectively to his/her message for you.

Here are some of the ways your guardian angel uses to send a message across to you, from the spiritual realm to the physical.


Not every day brings happy events. Sometimes we are down and depressed. Some relatives and close friends could notice this. Your guardian angel notices when you are struggling through tough times. Your guardian angel will try to be there for you. You may notice some comforting presence that can feel like a hug. Even though you can’t see the person.

Such a presence can be felt in many different and diverse ways. They could come as feelings of someone patting your back, giving you a hug, holding your hair or holding your hands. These are experiences that would usually occur when you are in depths of sorrow and frustration. Most of the time, you find out that after such an experience, you would feel better.

These events usually take place when you are meditating and praying in the direction of your burning needs. That could be some past traumatic event or a problem that is causing you pain.


It is well known that angel emits a warm light of love and care. That is usually the reason why you can feel the temperature rise when you are meditating or praying. That may mean that your guardian angel is close to you. At that point, it is the touch of an angel that could cause you to be warm at that point in time.

When you feel such touch, know that your guardian angel is reassuring you that you are always being looked after and cared for.


Angels are known to operate with electromagnetic energy found in light photons. Whenever your guardian angel wants to communicate with you, you could sometimes feel that energy wash over you. It could feel like some form of electrical energy in the atmosphere, not the type that hurts though.

When your guardian angel communicates with you in this way, then you should know that your angel is trying to help lead you towards what God has install for you.


Spirits often affect the natural course of events in the world in many ways. One way is through the wind. So whenever your guardian angel wants to touch you, he/she could do that through some form of gentle or light breeze. You could feel it brush lightly across your face or hair or some times it could feel like a light whirlwind rushing all around you.

If you happen to be deeply meditating or prayer indoors, you could still feel like the surreal and supernatural breeze of your guardian angel brush right beside you. This event happens independently of your doors or windows being open or close. Sometimes this could occur without any other physical body feeling the effect of the wind that surrounds you. Papers will not rustle nor would books get displaced, but you will know with all certainty that you had felt something.

These kinds of physical manifestations of spiritual activities suggest that your guardian angel is around the corner with some good news for you. To get these kinds of experiences, are important that you focus deeply whenever you meditate and pray.


Another way that your guardian angel’s presence can be felt is having some kind of sensation of some liquid running down your body. Most times as this is happening, you would find out that this liquid feels thick and viscous. Sometimes this liquid could be poured on your head or any other part of your body. This liquid feels like it is pouted by someone on you until is just runs down your body. The person keeps pouring this liquid till you are filled and emersed in it.

This act is done by your guardian angel, who is trying to convey the deep love and care he/she has for you. When you feel this and of experience then rejoice in the fact that your guardian angel or spiritual buddy will always be there for you in times of need.


Some other times, you could have a feeling of someone sitting right close to you. This usually happens when you are meditating or praying on the floor, bed, sofa, or some bench. But the common activity in all these scenarios is that you should be heavily focused on prayer and meditation.

Sometimes these experiences are so physically vivid that you might see some physical evidence that someone was sitting right beside you. These could be crease marks or slight depression on sofas and beds. But always remember that such marks don’t suggest the shape or form of the angel, but are signs to reassure you of he/her presence.

Whenever this happens always know that your guardian angel is literally sitting close to you, and listening to you ramble on about the struggles that you are going through on earth. And he/she understands. They are just there to quietly comfort you and lead you to the solutions of those problems.