Gary Galka, an electrical engineer, has come out with a device with which he believes can help him reach out to his dead teenage daughter. He calls the machine a ghost hunting device.

His daughter, Melissa Galka, had died in an auto crash just about 13 years ago. Now since he began his painful grief of his daughter passing away, he has been focused on building a machine that will enable him to communicate with his daughter’s spirit. He once said he would experience a sort of presence in the house. He attributes all of this to the presence of his daughter – maybe trying to communicate something to him. He went on to say that he and his wife kept experiencing very unnatural events such as the involuntary switching of channels, the turning on and off of lights and similar events. It was as if an extra being resided in the house with them.

Gary himself kept trying at perfecting his machine and in the process, created more than thirty of those devices. But it was only one of them that worked. Gary said that that one device recorded the girl’s voice saying ”Hi, dad. I love you.” A message of their daughter from the world beyond.

When asked about the significance of the device, he says that it has helped his family deal with the shock and trauma of losing their beloved daughter. He went on to suggest that people who were in similar situations would appreciate the value of such a device. It would help them get through the dark times. Hearing the voice of their lost loved ones could help ease the pain that they are going through. Right now the device is for sale to those who need it.

The device is known to detect changes in the temperature or electromagnetic field of a certain area. It also has some luminous buttons, an AM/FM scanner, and a spirit box.

Some have discarded this story as unbelievable and a script in a fairy tale movie while others say that they believe the man. And as a result, the debate on life after death has bubbled back to the surface of social discus again. As much as both sides argue their points with passion, no one has hard facts backing their claims and stands as no one has come back from the dead with hard proof of life after our terrestrial bodies have shut down.