In 1995, a man received some junk mail that contained a $95,000 fake check and unfortunately for the bank, they credited his account. It was some sort of joke that the man tried to play the bank, only that in this case it worked.

This all started back in 95′ when Patrick Combs who was an author went to his mailbox to check as he always did. Only for him to find a junk mail that contained a $95,000 fake check. Now for the 29-year-old, he immediately saw the crap check for what it was. The check specified that is non-negotiable. But it seems that what the male author spotted was hard for his bank to notice. The man went to First Instate Bancorp branch to cash the fake check and was astonishingly successful.

When the man did this, he had expected that the check would be rejected, but he was wrong. Some weeks after he had deposited the check in the ATM, his account was credited with $95,000! When he realized what had happened, he withdrew the money and then deposited it as a cashier check in a deposit box that was at the same bank where he cashed the fake check. The bank itself, First Instate found out what happened about a month after the incident. And so they decided to call him. But by then he was on vacation. Although he told them that the money was locked up in a deposit box that was located in the bank, the bank officials proceeded to rudely address him. They threatened to break into the deposit box and to call the cops on him.

By the way, My Combs had already done some study on the American Law concerning matters like these. And according to the law, he had full rights to the money. That was a viral story in its day, although nobody knew if he managed to keep the money for himself.